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Listed below are all craft fairs that we have booked this year, as some of the shows are on the same days,
either Mike or Rose will be attending, but not both of us. If you have any other Dates then let us know. THANKS


Feb 25/26th Moreton in Marsh
March 1st (W) Tewks. Town Hall
March 4/5th Stow on the Wold
March 8th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
March 11/12th Moreton in Marsh
March 17/18/19th Moreton in Marsh
March 22nd (W) Tewks. Town Hall
March 29th (W) Tewks. Town Hall

April 1/2nd Stow on the Wold
April 5th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
April 8th Newent
April 12th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
April 14/15/16th Moreton in Marsh
April 19th (W) Tewks. Town Hal
April 22/23rd Stow on the Wold
April 28/29/30 Upton Folk Festival

May 6/7th Moreton in Marsh
May 6/7th Stow on the Wold
May 10th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
May 13th Big Weekend Tewks. Town Hall
May 17th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
May 20th Tewkesbury Town Hall
May 24th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
May 27/28th Chipping Campden
May 29th (M) Perdshore Carnival
May 31st (W) Tewks. Town Hall
June 3/4th Stow on the Wold
June 10/11th Moreton in Marsh
June 10/11th Stow on the Wold
June 14th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
June 16/17/18th Moreton in Marsh
June 24/25tth Tewks Steam Fair
July 1/2nd Stow on the Wold
July 8th (Battle) Tewks. Abbey
July 8/9th Moreton in Marsh
July 12th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
July 15/16th Moreton in Marsh
July 22/23rd Chipping Campden
July 28/29/30th Welland Steam Fair
August 5/6th Stow on the Wold
August 12/13th Moreton in Marsh
August 18/19/20th Moreton in Marsh?
August 19/20th Tewks Car Festival.
August 25/26/27th Upton Music Festival
August 28th Pershore (Plum Fair)
September 2/3rd Stow on the Wold
September 9/10th Stow on the Wold
September 13th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
September 15/16/17th Moreton in Marsh
September 23/24th Moreton in Marsh
September 29th/Oct 1st Moreton in Marsh

October 7/8th Moreton in Marsh
October 7/8th Stow on the Wold
October 11th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
October 14th Worcester
October 20/21/22nd Moreton in Marsh
October 28/29th Stow on the Wold
October 27/29th Moreton in Marsh
November 4/5th Moreton in Marsh
November 4/5th Stow on the Wold
November 11th Worcester
November 15th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
November 18th Tewks. Town Hall
November 25th Tewks. Abbey
December 2/3rd Moreton in Marsh
December 2/3rd Stow on the Wold
December 9th Worcester
December 13th (W) Tewks. Town Hall
December 16th Tewks. Town Hall

Dates maked in Red are not yet confirmed , correct as of May 10th 2017
If you would like any more information about anything or have any show dates please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email.... MJKSoftWood@pobroadband.co.uk